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Reinvigorate your classics, create unique chocolate products, and dream up remarkable desserts.
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For 4. Strata, the latest issue of our trend-spotting series, L’École Valrhona’s pastry chefs are taking it up a level.
Nature serves as an endless creative inspiration in everything from architecture to patisserie. On this occasion, we think it’s safe to say geological stratifications have inspired our chefs with their physical materiality and colors. Whatever the case, we have certainly been playing with superimposed layers, repetitions, juxtapositions and folding shapes.

In design as in architecture, stratification both multiplies shapes and, conversely, creates depth, providing rhythm and movement while also generating contrasts in material. The same goes for pastry-making. Superimposing layers and playing with flaky pastry sheets and folds provides new dimensions, weightlessness and texture. As such, each of our creations has a crispy, crunchy look, tempting diners to slowly uncover stratum after stratum.

You guessed it: This time, flaky puff pastry is the star attraction. Desserts are shared out layer by layer, millefeuilles break every convention, croissants are devoured like a good book, contrasting flavors sit side by side, and tarts take on multiple textures. We have avoided prissy, smooth surfaces. Playing with strata is a formidable way to re-imagine traditional pastries.

You won’t have seen a dessert roll quite like this… This ephemeral work of art is an homage to craftsmanship and the natural world, and diners will love sharing it layer by layer.

Our chefs have created a highly original, redesigned version of the classic millefeuille. They’ve re-imagined it from top to bottom, from its shape to its slicing and assembly, making for exceptional flaky pastry and an endlessly surprising dessert.

In its standard format, the croissant hides away all its puff pastry’s complexity. Our chefs, however, would like to invite you to read this pastry like an open book – What’s more, to appreciate its flavor all the more.

This visually bold, fun chocolate bar uses a constructivist approach to playing with straight lines. It pieces together geometric shapes to breathe life into a unique, multiple-flavored creation.

The trend for getting back to our roots is certainly an enduring one, and you can still rely on traditional recipes to bring you guaranteed value. L’École’s pastry chefs have proven this with a tart which appears rather old-school and yet not quite what it seems… They have added a bold, new dash of something special.