Together, Good becomes Better

Together, Good becomes Better

A partner of taste artisans since 1922, and a pioneer and specialist in the world of chocolate, Valrhona defines itself today as a company whose mission statement “Together, let’s use good food to make the world a better place” conveys the strength of its commitment. Together with its employees, chefs, and cocoa producers, Valrhona creates the best in chocolate to shift the status quo towards a fairer, more sustainable cocoa industry and gastronomy that tastes great, looks great and does great things for the world.

Building long-term partnerships directly with cocoa producers, sharing know-how and looking for the next chocolate innovation are the challenges that drive us to do better every day. Working alongside chefs, Valrhona promotes craftsmanship and supports them in their quest for uniqueness by constantly pushing the limits of creativity.

Thanks to its constant engagement with this raison d’être, Valrhona is proud to have obtained the very demanding B Corporation® certification. It rewards the world’s most engaged companies that put equal emphasis on economic, societal, and environmental performance.This distinction emphasises our “Live Long” sustainable development strategy, marked by the desire to co-construct a model with a positive impact for producers, employees, taste artisans, and all chocolate enthusiasts.

Choosing Valrhona means committing to responsible chocolate made only from cocoa that can be traced back to the producer. 100% of the cocoa that we use can be traced back to the producer, which provides the assurance of knowing where the cocoa came from, who harvested it, and that it was produced in good conditions. Choosing Valrhona means committing to a chocolate that respects both people and the planet.

B Corp, a guide to building tomorrow.

Since January 2020, Valrhona has been part of the B Corp™ community.

This certification recognizes the companies across the world that meet the highest social and environmental standards and that are committed to progress.

This makes Valrhona the world's largest B Corporation®-certified manufacturer of chocolate for professionals.

Our Mission Report

It is thanks to our commitments throughout our entire value chain – from the cocoa producer to chefs in their kitchens – that we’re creating a more responsible chocolate and are working to achieve our mission: "Together, good becomes better."

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