We recently received an urgent appeal for help from the Norandino Cooperative, our cocoa partner in Peru. For several years now we have supported the cooperative in cultivating Gran Blanco cacao, using this rare cocoa to create our Single Origin Illanka 63 %.


Over the past few weeks, torrential rains have battered Piura, the region in northern Peru in which Norandino is based. Thousands of families have been affected by severe flooding. They have lost houses and crops, and their children have been unable to go to school. Many areas have been cut off by landslides. Help is being mobilized, though principally in urban areas. Norandino is working to support rural populations, collecting and distributing materials and food to local communities, including cocoa producers.

Miguel Ramos, who lives in the village of Batanes in the province of Morropon in Piura has launched an appeal for help: “All help is welcome. We have lost everything and we don’t even have anything to feed ourselves with. The flooded areas are infested with mosquitos, which will cause numerous different illnesses. Our primary need is for supplies to feed our children. We thank you for your support and hope that the government and other organizations will also come to help us.”

In response to this appeal, we are giving $10,000 to help the families affected. We are providing this emergency financial support as part of our commitment to Norandino and its members.

You too can get involved. To contribute to our fundraising effort, click here: