Published on 5/1/23

100% traceability: increasing transparency in our supply chain

100% traceable cocoa

Traceability allows Valrhona to fully guarantee the origin of its cocoa from the producer. Today, 100% of our cocoa is traceable from the producer and 60% of cocoa beans can be traced back to the individual plot.

We have set ourselves the objective of achieving 100% traceability from the farm by 2025. This will involve ensuring each plot is geolocated and mapped out. With this in place, in addition to the knowledge of our producers, we will be in a position to effectively implement our Cocoa & Forests policy, and its anti-deforestation provisions in particular.

Key figure in 2022:

  • 100% of our cocoa is traceable from the producer
  • 60% of our cocoa comes from mapped plantations
  • 6,954  producers had their plantations mapped (11,441 hectares farmed)
  • 100% of our producers from Côte d'Ivoire have been geolocated and mapped out

Mapping cocoa-growing and production areas

Getting a better understanding of and promoting ecological diversity in cocoa-growing plots that are better for the climate are two factors central to our ambitions. Preserving forest areas while also promoting agricultural good practice will be decisively important in the decades to come, particularly in terms of reducing our carbon footprint and protecting biodiversity.

So that we can meet our objective of making sure 100% of our cocoa can be traced right back to its original plot by 2025, all our production areas will have to be mapped. This involves using GPS data to represent cocoa plantations as polygons on a map. By using official boundaries, the mapping process ensures that Valrhona doesn’t source from protected natural areas, aiding the fight against deforestation.