For Baking Cooking Range Caramelia

"Soft, rich and voluptuous, Caramélia stands out with its rich milky flavor and compelling taste of salted butter caramel .


Product Information

With Caramélia, we have found a way to further enhance great milk chocolate with the indulgent delight of caramel. This tender, generously indulgent chocolate offers the perfect gateway to Valrhona’s other delicious products. 


% of main ingredient

36% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


Milk 33%, Sugar 50%, Fat 38%

Packaging Format

250g bean bag Caramelia 36% - 31214
Sac de Fèves 1kg Caramélia - 12390

Other feature(s)

May contains nuts.

Available packaging : Bag of 250g

Contact your distributor to check the availability in your country.