Published on 11/30/20

Carbon Neutrality - Acting Against Global Warming

Acting Against Global Warming

Valrhona’s Carbon Footprint Report carried out in 2018 revealed that the company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions were as high as 191,000t CO2e. Around two-thirds of the company’s overall emissions are due to cocoa cultivation, in large part because of deforestation practices used to clear land for new cocoa trees. To reduce the impact early in our value chain, we are committed to fighting deforestation and educating our producers about the best agricultural practices.


Our carbon footprint

SCOPESEmission areasEquivalent tons of CO2Distribution
1Direct emissions from chocolate-making activities2 636 1%
2Indirect emissions from electricity purchases 117%0%
3.1Cocoa purchases127 66867%
3.2Other purchases30 73716%
3.3Capital goods2490%
3.4Upstream transport4 7462%
3.5Waste generated on site1150%
3.6Business travel3 2302%
3.7Commuting2 8691%
3.9Downstream transport14 0447%
3.10Downstream processing1260%
3.11Use of products3 0062%
3.12Final stage in product life cycles1 9511%
 TOTAL191 494100%


Key figures :

Our target is carbon neutrality.

Valrhona is gradually working towards this aim by setting itself a series of complementary objectives.

SCOPESResultsReduction targets (2°C trajectory)Neutrality objectives
SCOPE 1 AND 257% reduction in 2019 compared with 201360% reduction in 2025 compared with 2013Carbon neutral by 2020.
Through offsetting
SCOPE 3188,000 tons of CO2 in 2018Two-thirds reduction in emissions in 2025 compared with 2018Carbon neutral by 2025.
Through insetting


*Offsetting: actions undertaken with people outside of the business to compensate for the amount of carbon produced in a particular place