Organic Chocolate Millot 74%

Millot 74% - The first ever 74% organic couverture chocolate whose cocoa is sourced from just one plantation in Madagascar: Millot

Flavor Profile Fruity

Secondary Notes Acidulous

Hint of Full-bodied

Product Information

This exceptional Grand Cru is the fruit of 30 years of close partnership. It reveals the immense aromatic power, intensely tangy and fruity, of its terroir.There was only one name we could give it – the name of its origin.

An ethical chocolate

All the ingredients included in Millot 74% are organically farmed.

A pure chocolate

Millot 74% couverture has been developed using just three ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter and cane sugar. This is a chocolate whose sensory profile perfectly represents its cocoa’s terroir.

As the cocoa used in Millot 74% couverture comes exclusively from the 600-hectare Millot Plantation, we can guarantee traceability right back to the individual plot and control the conditions in which it is prepared.

Millot 74% marks the fruition of Millot and Valrhona’s commitment to working together to create a fair, sustainable cocoa industry.

Véronique Huchedé
Valrhona Cocoa Officer


Partner producer


Andzavibe, Ambanja 13°36’44.4”S / 48°25’27.2”E


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MoldingMousseBarsIce Cream&SorbetsCoating


Dark rumCoffeeDateBlackcurrant

% of main ingredient

74% of Cocoa

Best by:

14 months


Cocoa beans from Madagascar*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*. May contain: nuts, milk, soya. (*) Product from Organic Farming. Certified by FR-BIO-01.

Packaging Format

3kg beans bag - 31508

Other feature(s)

Millot 74% is certified Organic. This certification guarantees the absence of colorants, synthetic chemical flavors and flavor enhancers. Its ingredients are made using natural farming methods which encourage agroecosystems and biodiversity.