Published on 7/2/24

Komuntu 80%: €234,317 raised thanks to you!

Komuntu 80%, our centenary chocolate, the fruit of an ethical collective’s hard work

To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we created Komuntu 80% with you. This dark couverture chocolate is the result of a brand new creative approach. 
100 ethically-minded people (cocoa partners, suppliers, employees and customers) participated in the creation of this dark chocolate: the choice of its unique taste, the illustration on its packaging, and its name. The name Komuntu is a tribute to the collective, fusing “Komunumo”, which means “community” in Esperanto, and “Ubuntu” (an African concept meaning “I am because we are”). 
This dark chocolate embodies all the expertise of Valrhona’s cocoa sourcers. Made from a complex blend of cocoa beans sourced from all around the world, this 80% cocoa couverture chocolate is the result of a long process bringing together cocoa from different origins. Its aromatic profile reveals a powerful woody and bitter taste on the palate, supported by notes of roasted cocoa nibs. 


A chocolate that supports producer communities

Because Komuntu 80% proves Valrhona's commitment to creating a fair, sustainable cocoa industry and creative, responsible gastronomy, we committed to donating 100% of this chocolate’s profits to our cocoa partners during the 100th anniversary year.

Between September 2022 and September 2023, we raised €234,317 thanks to you! Chefs, artisans, and chocolate enthusiasts: by choosing Komuntu, you supported cocoa producers.

The final amount was divided equally in 2023 between different communities to support projects that aim to develop education, health, income diversification, etc. Each of Valrhona's 15 cocoa partners was allocated €15,621 and was able to decide, in collaboration with Valrhona and according to its own needs, on the purpose of the project.

For example, three of our partners (Satocao, Conacado, and M Libanio) chose to pay a bonus to all their employees to reward them for their efforts.
In the Dominican Republic, COOPROAGRO will build a "Quality" laboratory kitchen for cocoa. 
In Haiti, FECCANO will be making improvements to its cocoa storage warehouse in order to continue producing recognized quality.
In Madagascar, Millot aims to finance student scholarships and vocational training for the children of plantation employees, to help them build their future.

These are just a few examples of the projects funded thanks to the profits from Komuntu 80% chocolate. The table below lists all current and future projects. 

CountryPartnersCurrent and future projects

Number of beneficiaries

BaliKSSDevelopment of infrastructure and implementation of protocols to improve cocoa production quality409 producers
BelizeHummingbird CitrusRenovation of the infrastructure of the cocoa preparation center to improve working conditions for cocoa preparation employees.7 employees
BrazilM LibanioPayment of a 13th-month bonus to plantation employees to reward their efforts. 26 employees

Ivory Coast

EcookimOrganization of a visit by representatives of Capedig & Ecookim to Tain l'Hermitage to show them the downstream side of the industry, Valrhona's know-how and that of our customers.4 representatives of Capedig and Ecookim
EcuadorOSELLA SAFinancing of an application for growers to digitize more information, such as weather forecasts. 287 producers
GhanaFEDCOFinancing of a team dedicated to pruning cocoa trees to lighten growers' field operations while sharing best practices. 
The pruning brigade relies on the technical expertise of COCOBOD (a governmental organization that supports cocoa production, processing, and marketing of cocoa in Ghana).
Upcoming project
GrenadaGrenada Cocoa Association (GCA)Purchase and distribution of fertilizers for cocoa farmers to improve production on their plantations.200 producers
HaitiFECCANORepairs to the cooperative's cocoa storage warehouses to limit the risk of humidity and continue producing quality cocoa. 3176 producers
JamaicaJamaican Cocoa Farmers’ Association (JFCA)Financing a communication campaign to support the Jamaican cocoa industry.Several hundred former association members
MadagascarMillot SAFinancing of student scholarships and vocational training to help employees' children build their future.74 children of Millot plantation employees
PeruNorandinoDistribution of cocoa trees and shade trees through various collection points in the Cincos Rios de Marañon area, Amazonas, to facilitate the implementation of agroforestry practices in the area and thus improve cocoa quality.  

Dominican Republic

ConacadoPayment of a bonus to employees in recognition of their efforts in 2023.40 employees
Dominican RepublicCooproagroConstruction of a cocoa quality laboratory to improve cocoa knowledge and develop tests on the camphor note.The cooperative's 2,232 producers and cocoa quality manager
Sao ToméSATOCAOPayment of a bonus to employees in recognition of their efforts in 2023.183 employees
VenezuelaCacao San JoseHealth project to be defined to improve the health of cocoa producers on the Paria peninsula. 
Awaiting election results on 07/28 to define the project


Valrhona’s centenary chocolate is another concrete step towards a more sustainable and equitable future for cocoa farmers and their communities.