For tasting Pure Origin Bar Alpaco

Floral and Oaky: Alpaco's delicate floral aromas melt into ultra-chocolatey notes

Product Information

The Upper Amazon Valley was home to the first cacao trees. Starting in the 17th century, cacao growing began flourishing in this warm humid climate and fertile soil. ALPACO owes its delicacy to this unique combination of natural environment and local expertise that created growing conditions found nowhere else. Valrhona created ALPACO, the 1st Grand Cru of Ecuador, as an invitation to experience the delicate floral notes of Ecuadorian cacao varieties. In fact, they had always been used as blend chocolates because of their distinctively strong flavor profile with citrus notes. Valrhona created a Pure Ecuador Grand Cru de Terroir to showcase this signature profile.


Partner producer

Ecuador Osella

Guayaquil 2°10’2.7”S / 79°56’8.1”W


% of main ingredient

67% of Cocoa

Best by:

18 months


Sugar 31%, Fat 39%

Packaging Format

Tablette 70g - 12358

Other feature(s)

May contain nuts and gluten.

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