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Lemon Cake

1 Zest of lemon
180g Eggs
150g Caster sugar
1 Pinch of salt
100g Whipping cream
180g Einkorn flour
3g Baking powder
65g Melted butter

Zest the lemon and mix with the sugar.
Add the eggs, salt and whipping cream to the mixture.
Sift the einkorn flour together with the baking powder and add to the mix. Melt the butter and add to the mixture while still warm.
Pour this dough into a loaf tin lined with greaseproof paper.
Then, using a pastry scraper or knife dipped in melted butter, slice the top of the cake lengthways to help it rise in the oven.
Bake at 160°C for about an hour. Check the cake is fully baked by inserting a knife into the center.
If it comes out clean, the cake is done.


20g Grape seed oil
50g Slivered almonds

Melt the INSPIRATION YUZU at 40°C and add the grape seed oil. Combine with the chopped almonds.
Use the coating at a temperature of approx. 35°C.

Assembly and finishing

Once the cake has been baked, turned out and cooled, place it in the freezer for 30 minutes.
In the meantime, prepare the INSPIRATION YUZU coating.
Remove the thoroughly chilled cake from the freezer and dip it to in the coating until it is three quarters covered.
Immediately place it on a serving dish or plate and let it stand at room temperature before serving.