Made with Ivoire 35%

2 steps

Makes 30 croffles

Recipe Step by Step



1000g Flour T55
200g Water
220g Milk
50g Whole eggs
18g Fine sea salt
130g Caster sugar
40g Yeast powder
200g Leftover dough
100g Butter
500g Butter

Temperature Base : 46-50°C. Add all the ingredient to the stand mixer, use the hook to knead the dough 11 minutes on low speed and 3 minutes on medium speed. Check that the temperature is 23°C. Make a ball then allow to rest at room temperature during 40 minutes. Mixing the dough every 20 minutes. Realise a ball of 900g. Then spread quickly put in the freezer and finish in the chiller at 1°C for 12h. Degaze the dough. Put 250g of butter inside each pieces of 900g of croissant dough. Give 1 single turn and 1 double turn. Between each 45 minutes at 1°C chiller. Then spread to 3,5/4mm. Make a triangle of 9cmx25/35cm depending on the result layer you are looking for. Roll the croissant. Bake for 12 minute in a waffle machine.


200g Milk
4g Gelatin powder
20g Water
400g Fresh cream 35%
2 Vanilla pods

Melt the Chocolate down to 45/50°C and add the glucose in. Soak the gelatine sheets in a large volume of cold water. Bring the milk to the boil and let the vanilla beans infuse in it (2 pods per liter). Stir the softened and drained gelatine in and strain through. Gradually pour the milk over the melted couverture stirring in the centre to get an elastic and shiny emulsified texture. Stir the liquid and cold cream in and process the lot with a hand blender for few seconds. Leave to crystallise in the refrigerator. Pipe on top of the cooked croffle. And serve immediatly.