Gourmet Chocolates Opalys 33%

This white chocolate with a pure, light color and velvety texture has a unique flavor profile with its delicately sweet taste revealing harmonious aromas of fresh milk and natural vanilla.

Flavor Profile Vanilla

Secondary Notes Fresh Milk

Product Information

We designed Opalys after one of our customers told us they were looking for an immaculately colored white chocolate. Developing a product that would maintain its light color without losing any of its delicate flavor requires a lot of technical flair and expertise.

This was how Opalys came into being. This pure white chocolate with the slightest hint of sweetness is now much sought-after among perfectionists.


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MoldingBarsMoussesCremeux&GanachesIce Cream&Sorbets


FrutosRed fruitsVanillaTea

Best by:

10 months

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 8118

Other feature(s)

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