Published on 8/4/21

Discover our new Bakery Leaflet

Bakery Leaflet

Our new bakery leaflet gathers 13 unique recipes. They can be used on a professional level for your bakery shop, or as an expert home baker. In both case, they intend to hopefully influence creativity in your next creations.

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The chocolate twist of the classic babka, that we all were waiting for!

Croffle is getting big over the world's best pastry shops, here is ours, with - obivously - chocolate

Madeleine is a French classic, and with a chocolate coating, it turns into a French delicacy. You can try to make yours with this easy recipe

Scones are a bakery's classic, and more and more we witness twists that ranges from sweet to savoury. Here is a take with our delicious chocolates! 

A brioche dough, with a peanut praliné crumble, and a peanut crémeux inside… yes that is our Soboro recipe, the irresistable treat! 

Japan is famous for its influence on the pastry world, this recipe is another proof of that

Crispy and flaky Swiss Bread with AZELIA 35%... We wish you could smell that out of the oven, it is divine

Strawberry cheese roll, or when a cheesecake meets a pastry dough. That's an interesting twist!

The perfect combination of a Danish dough and a whipped ganache with milk chocolate. 

Influenced by Asian recipes and trends, our Pineapple Bun is a chocolate delight

Influenced by Asian recipes and trends, our Melon Pan Matcha is simply a delight

We all know filled croissant can be tricky to do, this recipe with a chocolate filling is the recipe we were all waiting for

You might have seen it already, here is our super indulgent Chocolate tart