Introducing Millot 74%, the new certified organic couverture

Valrhona is launching the first organic 74% couverture chocolate where the cacao is sourced from a single plantation in Madagascar: Millot. This exceptional Grand Cru, certifying thirty years of partnership, reveals the terroir’s full aromatic power: intensely acidulous and fruity. Only one name was suitable for it: that of its origin. 

Expressing a Terroir and strong commitments

Discover all the characteristics and history of this exceptional Grand Cru as well as interpretations by the best chefs. 

A brut chocolate

Millot 74% has just three ingredients: cacao, cacao butter and cane sugar. This short list of ingredients makes it possible to obtain a brut chocolate that reflects its terroir. - Millot - Raw Chocolate
Certified organic chocolate

All the ingredients used to make Millot 74% are sourced from organic farms. This guarantees the use of natural farming practices that take care of the environment and biodiversity. The certification also rules out the use of colorants, synthetic chemical aromas or flavor enhancers.

For several years now, the Millot plantation has been committed to organic farming that is respectful of the ecosystem specific to the Sambirano River basin. Thanks to the action and experience developed by Millot's agronomists, the agricultural practices exceed the commitments made to comply with the specifications of organic farming:

  • Implementation of a compost protocol adapted to the needs of cocoa trees (natural fertilizer made from rice straw, banana trunks and zebu waste)
  • Regular soil stripping and planting of banana trees to produce shade for young cocoa trees, but also canavalia (Canavalia ensiformis), a plant which helps to limit the evaporation of water from the soil and also produces fertilizer through its roots.

These two practices adopted on the cocoa plantation are an extension of organic farming. They contribute to soil enrichment and the dissemination of good environmental practices, a pledge for a sustainable future in the face of climate change.

An expanding organic certified range

After Andoa Noire 70% and its Éclats Andoa 70% version, Oriado 60%, Andoa Lactée 39% and Waina 35%, our Millot 74% chocolate becomes the sixth product available in the Valrhona certified organic range.


A single origin cocoa from one plantation - Millot 74 - 100% Traceable

Millot 74% cacao comes exclusively from the Millot Plantation’s 600 hectares in Madagascar. A feature that guarantees perfect control and traceability of the cacao beans, from the parcel to artisans and chefs. Furthermore, all of Millot 74%’s ingredients are organically grown. 

The Millot Plantation in Madagascar

Created in 1906 by Lucien Millot, the plantation is located in Andzavibe, at the heart of the fertile Sambirano plain.

  • 1,200 hectares of organically cultivated farmland, including spices and perfume plants that are recognized worldwide for their quality
  • Including 600 hectares dedicated to cacao agriculture
  • 1,339 producers
  • 7 cooperatives and 9 preparers
  • 45 families live on site
The culmination of a close partnership between the Millot Plantation and Valrhona

Valrhona has had an exclusive partnership with the Millot Plantation in Madagascar since 1990, buying all of its cacao production.
Millot 74% is the culmination of Millot Plantation and Valrhona’s commitments to working together for a cacao industry that is fair and sustainable. A number of projects to improve living conditions and community support have been launched directly at the plantation:

  • Rehabilitating the village of Andzavibe for employees and their families, to ensure their safety and improve their living conditions: housing for 45 families has been built
  • Construction of a health center: 2,452 medical consultations in 2019 including 97% of pathologies cared for on site 
The full aromatic power of Madagascar in an organic couverture 74 - An Intense Taste

Millot chocolate reflects the intensity of Madagascar’s unspoiled nature through the strength of its acidulous and bitter flavors, softened by notes of fruit and nibs.

Sensory profile

  • Flavor profile: FRUITY
  • Secondary notes: ACIDULOUS
  • Hint of: FULL-BODIE

Ideal associations

A couverture that opens up the field of possibilities

Thanks to its high percentage of cacao and its very short list of ingredients, Millot 74% exalts the taste of chocolate. It opens up a wide range of applications and will be optimal in a creamy and ganache version.

Our bonds with the community of farmers

At Valrhona, we believe that traceability is not just about the origin of cocoa beans. It extends to the expertise and know-how of the people who grow, harvest, ferment and dry this cocoa.
Our links with the Millot plantation allow us to forge true working relationships with local producers. We invite you to meet them too.


Claire-Elise has been responsible for cultivating cacao plants in the Millot nursery since January 2009. She meticulously chooses the best pods from the plantation and germinates the selected cocoa beans. Every day, she tracks the seedlings’ growth and keeps them well watered. Thanks to her work, a young, bountiful cacao tree will produce a good number of pods.




Lucia has been in charge of planting new plants from the nursery since 2007. After the young cacao trees have spent eight months in the nursery, she takes over and plants them. Using her angandy, a Madagascan tool made specifically for this procedure, she ensures that plants are well positioned, without damaging their roots. 





As for Zarianty and Odette, they have been charged with weeding the cacao plots and harvesting the pods since 2001 and 2009 respectively. Knowing exactly when to harvest a ripe pod is essential to producing quality cocoa. This expertise is key to successful fermentation.





Marie has been a cocoa depodder on the Millot Plantation since 1997. Depodding takes a lot of precision. It involves opening the pod with a machete, without damaging the cocoa beans.  The beans are removed from the pod and sorted for the first time. This fast-paced process means that the beans are placed to ferment within six hours of being harvested.




Méline has been checking the preparation and sorting of cocoa since 1989.
She checks each batch of fresh beans and sorts them a second time. This step ensures successful fermentation.





Moanahidy has been working in cocoa processing since 1990. Thanks to her many years of experience, she ensures that the fermentation protocol is respected - how many days, how many turns and tracking the temperature. This protocol, which has been created by the Millot Plantation, creates unique aromatic notes in the final product.




Nadine has been working in cocoa drying at the Millot Plantation since 1993. After fermenting, the beans are placed in the sun in wooden beds. Ensuring that the cocoa is turned regularly during this stage guarantees that it dries evenly. Depending on the season, drying can last between one and several weeks. 





Marietta has been a cocoa sorter since 1999. After drying, the cocoa beans are once again sorted. She removes any flat beans, as well as broken ones. The cocoa is then put into jute sacks and stored until it's shipped. 





Christian has been a quality manager since 2000. He supervises all the cocoa workers and oversees quality at all stages, from fermentation to drying of the beans.





Richard has also been a cocoa flow manager since 2003. From the plot to the packaging, he monitors cocoa beans’ journey. He makes sure that the beans are weighed accurately all throughout the production chain. His work provides traceability all the way to our chocolate factory in Tain l’Hermitage.

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About Andy Yeung

Armed with more than a decade of pastry experience, Andy currently is the Executive Pastry Chef at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel. He won or was in the first runners up for several awards (World Chocolate Master, Top of Patissier Asia, HOFEX, etc.). “Making & creating beautiful tasty desserts and pastries is my passion, training & building chef team is my mission” is his mantra. Millot 74% inspired him for this creation, paired with many spices and tastes found around Asia. His finale creation represents the process of making chocolates, with a finale creative touch in this bonbons shaped as a bean, delicious melting in mouth.


The M pods

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