Single Origin Amatika 46%

Amatika 46%, the first Vegan Grand cru from the heart of Madagascar's plantations

Flavor Profile Cocoa

Secondary Notes Cereals

Hint of Roasted Almonds

Product Information

When Indulgence becomes plant-based! 

Valrhona’s  curiosity  and  passion  is  what  guides  us  on  our  never-ending  journey to explore the infinite possibilities of pleasure that chocolate has to offer. And with the birth of Amatika 46%, we have marked a milestone in  the  history  of  decadence  by  creating  the  first  Vegan  Grand  cru,  with  single  Madagascar  origin.  

The  result  of  passionate  teamwork  between  sourcing  teams,  cacao  producers,  innovation  and  sensory  experts  and  L’École  Valrhona’s  pastry  chefs,  Amatika  46%  represents  the  premium  chocolate that contemporary vegan pastry-making has been longing for. A true showcase of chocolatier expertise.

A milk chocolate couverture à la vegan

Powerful yet melt-in-the-mouth... Amatika 46% combines the sweetness and creaminess of almond with the aromatic potency of pure Madagascan cacao. Unparalleled taste and texture to meet the needs and creativity of pastry chefs and artisans the world over.

Amatika 46% marries all the sweetness, delicacy, creaminess and warm colors of a milk chocolate... with none of the milk.

Frédéric Bau
Pastry Explorer Valrhona


Partner producer


Andzavibe, Ambanja 13°36’44.4”S / 48°25’27.2”E


Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MoldingMousseCoatingIce Cream&Sorbets


Grand MarnierJasmineBananaLemon zestOrange blossomPeachAlmond paste

% of main ingredient

46% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


Cocoa 46% min., Fats 43%, Sugar 39%

Packaging Format

3kg slab - 28074


All Year Long

Other feature(s)

Amatika 46% has been certified Vegan by the Vegetarian Association of France. This label guarantees that it contains no product of animal origin and does not use any such products across all phases of production.