Tarkwa, Western Region

Founded in 1997, our partner FEDCO is one of Ghana's leading cocoa buyers, sourcing high-quality cocoa from over 50,000 farmers across the country. The company places farmers at the heart of its ambitions, working to improve livelihoods and protect the environment. This includes providing tools and training to increase farm productivity and cocoa quality, strengthening farmer groups to ensure community resilience and implementing training programs in Good Agricultural, Social and Environmental practices. Our cocoa comes exclusively from 11 cocoa-producing communities around Tarkwa that are part of FEDCO's network

2016 Partnership signature

Length of partnership : 6 years

LBC Licensed Buying Company

Type of organization

1,408 Producers


Financing of a community center for events and training in Wassa Nkran, including a library and ICT center


Launch of a five-year program to increase access to education and improve school facilities in eight communities in the district of Tarkwa


Construction an elementary school in Wassa Nkran and a kindergarten in Pieso

Renovation of an elementary school in Pieso


Construction of a middle school in Atwereboanda

Renovation of an elementary school in Atwereboanda


Construction of a primary school in Bosomtwe

2,980 residents

of Wassa Nkran benefitting from the community center

4,882 children

will benefit from our program to improve access to education

1,408 children

benefitting from the new schools