Ivory Coast

Dibobly, Guémon

ECOOKIM (“L'Union des sociétés coopératives Kimbê”) brings together 29 cocoa and cashew nut producer cooperatives in Côte d'Ivoire. The Union works to ensure the high quality of its cocoa is recognized on the international market, while also promoting the sustainable development of its member cooperatives. ECOOKIM is certified Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.

Our cocoa comes from ECOOKIM member CAPEDIG (“Coopérative Agricole Persévérance de Dibobly-Guezon”), all of whose farmers are Fairtrade certified. Our relationship with ECOOKIM / CAPEDIG began in 2014 and we signed a partnership in 2018. In addition to the work we do to support producer communities, our 2017-18 price compensation premium has made CAPEDIG very attractive, causing the number of members to double in just one year.

2018 Partnership signature

Length of partnership : 6 years

Cooperative Type of organization

1,936 Producers


Construction of a primary school in Petit Bouaké́

Since 2017

Introduction of a minimum guaranteed price for cocoa farmers


Inauguration of a training center in Daloa

Since 2019

100% plots geolocalised and mapped


Start of construction of Konedougou elementary school

Start of construction of a school canteen in Petit Bouaké

Participation in the prevention campaign against Covid-19

213 children

will benefit from the new school in Konedougou

149 children

will benefit from the new canteen

142 children

registered at the primary school in Petit Bouaké

Guaranteed minimum price

for producers for the last 4 years

1,575 producers

have received training in good agricultural practices since the new training center opened

3,696 producers

have received training in fighting child labour since the new training center opened