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Made with Raspberry Inspiration

An original recipe by L'École Valrhona – Makes 20 pieces

8 steps

Recipe Step by Step



120g Brown sugar
120g Bread flour
120g Almond flour
120g European-style butter

Cut the cold butter into small cubes. Sieve the dry ingredients together.
Add the butter and mix using the paddle attachment in a stand mixer. First small balls will form, then you will obtain a streusel mixture which is only slightly homogenized. Stop mixing and leave the pastry mixture in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Press the cold pastry through a 4mm sieve or wire rack to obtain evenly sized granules. Store in the refrigerator or freeze until you are ready.
Bake the granulated streusel at 300-320°F (150-160°C) with the oven door slightly ajar to ensure an amber coloration. Once the streusel is cold, use a spray gun to spray
on a chocolate mixture to protect it from moisture.

Streusel Crunch

480g Almond streusel
120gKALINGO 65%

Use a food processor to grind the baked streusel with the melted couverture and spread out thinly.

Raspberry Confit

195g Raspberry purée
35g Glucose DE 38/40
4g Pectin NH
35g Sugar

Heat the purée and glucose to 105°F (40°C). Mix the sugar with the pectin NH then add it to the heated purée.
Bring to a boil and store in the refrigerator.

Sponge Biscuit

175g Egg whites
107g Sugar
60g Cornstarch
60g Pastry flour
100g Egg yolks

Gradually add the sugar as you whip up the egg whites.
At the same time, sift the starch and flour.
Use a spatula to incorporate the egg yolks into the whites, then add the starch and flour.

Raspberry Inspiration Cremeux

415g Water
10g Thickener

Heat the couverture at 115°F (45°C).
Heat the water to 95°F (35°C), then add the thickener using an immersion blender. Mix using an immersion blender to create an emulsion.
Important: Leave the crémeux to set for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator.

Crème Anglaise

200g Heavy cream 36%
200g Milk
100g Egg yolks
50g Sugar

Bring the cream and milk to a boil and combine with the premixed egg yolk-sugar combination (without blanching). Thicken the mixture at a temperature of 185°F (85°C), strain through muslin and use immediately.

Kalingo Chocolate Mousse

395g Crème anglaise
595g Heavy cream 36%
460gKALINGO 65%

Whisk the melted chocolate and crème anglaise to create an emulsion. The temperature should be 115-120°F (45-50°C). Stabilize the emulsion if necessary by adding whipped cream.
Once the mixture is smooth, check the temperature is at 115-120°F (45-48°C)
and add the remaining frothy cream.

Raspberry Inspiration & Dark Chocolate Glaze

175g Water
185g Sugar
230g Glucose DE 38/40
185g Sweetened condensed milk
150gCARAÏBE 66%

Use the sugar, water and glucose to make a syrup, then cook at 220°F (104°C). Incorporate the sweetened condensed milk and the ABSOLU CRISTAL, then gradually combine with the melted couvertures. Immediately mix using an immersion blender
to make a perfect emulsion.
Store in the refrigerator. Leave to set for 12 hours before use.
Use: Reheat the glaze to 90-95°F (36-38°C), then mix using an immersion blender to homogenize and to get rid of as many air bubbles as possible. Ice.

Assembly and finishing

Sponge Biscuit: On a sheet of baking paper, draw hearts of approx. 1cm smaller than the mold.
After making the sponge biscuit, use a piping bag fitted with a 14mm nozzle to create hearts the same size as the design (weight per biscuit of approx. 15g). You can superimpose two sheets so that the design of the hearts can be seen transparently. Bake at 355°F (180°C) in a fan-assisted oven.
Assembly: Use a food processor to grind the crunch to a fine powder, then spread to a thickness of 2mm between two guitar sheets. Store in the refrigerator. Once set, cut the hearts to the same size as the sponge biscuits. Lay 10g of confit over the crunch and set the biscuit on top.
Using a piping bag fitted with a 12mm nozzle, arrange 35g of crémeux in the shape of a fairly flat ball on the biscuit. Freeze.
Make the mousse and weigh out approx. 65g per mold. Add an insert immediately, ensuring that it is level with the mold.
Freeze. Turn out, then apply the chocolate glaze.
Chocolate Decoration: Decorate with an Assortment of Hearts.