Single Origin Kalingo 65% Pur Grenade

Kalingo's highly refined aromas give it an unexpectedly intense freshness. The balance of the chocolatey note is gently elevated by a dash of peppermint.

Flavor Profile Balanced

Secondary Notes Ripe Fruits

Hint of Vanilla

Product Information

The history of cacao and spices are closely intertwined in Granada, also known as Spice Island. Originally, traditional dances would be performed to polish and dry cacao with bare feet in huge copper basins. Today, small farms grow cacao on plots measuring one or two hectares. Valrhona selected an exquisite cacao in Grenada, the fruit of the ancestral lands of the island's Amerindian population. This Grand Cru was named after the Kalinago people.


Kalingo 65% Pur Grenade's Origins

Grenada Saint-Georges


12°3’12.7”N / 61°45’6.5”W


Recommended Applications

CoatingMoldingBarsMoussesCremeux&GanachesIce Cream&Sorbets


ApricotCoconutPassion FruitPeanutChiliGingerVanillaHoneyLicoriceSalted butter

% of main ingredient

65% of Cocoa

Best by:

14 months


Sugar 34%, Fat 39%

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 9789

Other feature(s)

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