Made with Oriado 60%

An originla recipe by l'Ecole Gourmet Valrhona

6 steps

Makes two 16cm egg desserts for 5-6 each

Recipe Step by Step



Melt two thirds of the ORIADO 60% chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave.
Heat to 120-130°F (50-55°C). Once these temperatures have been reached, add the remaining third of unmelted chocolate.
Start mixing by hand, then using an immersion blender. Be careful not to incorporate any air bubbles.
Check the temperature of the chocolate - it should be 88-90°F (31-32°C). The chocolate is now tempered. Make sure you keep the chocolate at this temperature while you work with it. If you need to, use a hairdryer to reheat its surface.
Pour the tempered chocolate immediately into two 16cm egg molds and leave to set for 2 hours at room temperature.


40g Unsalted butter
40g Almond flour
30g Brown sugar
30g Spelt flour*
2g Fleur de sel

*See the nutrition tip section at the end of the recipe for an alternative flour.

Mix together the brown sugar, almond flour, spelt flour, salt and COCOA POWDER.
Cut the cold butter into small cubes. Add the butter and mix using the paddle attachment in a stand mixer until a smooth ball forms.
Make some small, evenly sized balls of dough and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Bake in a fan-assisted oven at 300/320°F (150/160°C) for 12 minutes.


150g Eggs
40g Acacia honey
50g Muscovado sugar
2g Fleur de sel
40g Almond flour
70g Spelt flour*
4g Baking powder
70g Heavy cream 36%
80g Melted butter
30g ORIADO 60% 

Mix the eggs, honey, muscovado sugar and fleur de sel without whisking.
Add the almond flour. Sift together the flour and COCOA POWDER, then add the baking powder.
Mix everything together then pour in the cream.
Finally add the melted ORIADO 60% chocolate and melted butter.
Pour 265g of the mix in each 18cm-diameter stainless steel ring. Sprinkle on 75g cooked cocoa streusel.
Bake in a fan-assisted oven at 355°F (180°C) for approx. 16 minutes.


140g Heavy cream 36%
70g Sugar
30g Salted butter
65g ORIADO 60% 

Use the sugar to make a dry caramel. Deglaze with the salted butter and gradually pour in the hot cream.
Bring back to a boil, checking that all the sugar has melted.
Leave it to cool until it is lukewarm, then split it into 3 batches and combine these one by one with the melted ORIADO 60% chocolate.Stir with a spatula.
Blend using an immersion blender until the texture is perfectly smooth.
Cover the surface with plastic wrap and leave to set in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours until the texture is ready to pipe.


100g Heavy cream 36%
100g Whole milk
75g Egg yolks
40g Sugar

Bring the cream and milk to a boil and combine with the premixed egg yolk-sugar combination (without blanching).
Return to a low heat while mixing with a spatula until the temperature reaches 180-183°F (82-84°C).
Strain and use immediately to create the ANDOA LAIT 39% crème anglaise-style mousse.


240g Crème Anglaise(prepared beforehand)
450g ANDOA LAIT 39%
360g Heavy cream 36%

Create an emulsion by slowly combining the hot crème anglaise with the melted ANDOA LAIT 39% chocolate to obtain a smooth, shiny, elastic texture.
Mix using an immersion blender to obtain a perfect emulsion, making sure no air bubbles form. The temperature of the mix must be around 100-106°F (38-41°C).
Whisk the heavy cream until it has a frothy texture. Add the frothy whipped cream to the crème anglaise/chocolate mixture.
Use a spatula to delicately mix the ingredients together.
Use immediately to assemble.

Assembly and finishing

Preparation time: 45 minutes
Total freezing time: 6 hours

Make the ORIADO 60% egg shells and leave to set for 2 hours at room temperature. Do not turn out once set as assembly is carried out in the molds to make the result more stable. Make a template the size of the egg’s base. Using this template, chop the cooked sponge with the streusel. Using a piping bag with a plain round 16mm-diameter nozzle, pipe 80g of ORIADO 60% caramel crémeux onto each biscuit. Pipe generous droplets across the surface and freeze the inserts overnight. Prepare the ANDOA LAIT 39%and pour 150g of it into each ORIADO 60% shell. Place the frozen insert with droplets inside it on top, then press and smoothen out using a pastry spatula. Freeze for 2 hours. Set the remaining mousse aside while the dessert is in the freezer. After the dessert has frozen, turn it out onto a rack and cover with mousse. Then return them to the freezer for an hour. Cover the surface with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Once the mousse layer has frozen, stir the mousse that has been stored in the refrigerator to soften it. Put the mousse in a piping bag, finely cut off the end and add lines and dashes at random over the dessert. Freeze for 1 hour. To add the perfect finishing touch, spray using a dark or milk chocolate velvet spray (optional).