Make your creations naturally unique, original and responsible with Valrhona Signature decorations. In our new catalog, you have access to all our decorations to liven up the seasons.


Chocolate Decorations and Transfers

Valrhona Signature offers you a range of standard or customized decors of unique quality and taste. Our decorations are made of Valrhona dark Guanaja chocolate 70%, Jivara milk chocolate 40%, Opalys white chocolate 33% and Strawberry Inspiraion. All our decors are printed with non-azo dyes, and all our chocolate novelties are printed with 100% natural dyes and without titanium dioxide.

Gold and Silver Collection

An exclusive Valrhona Signature, gold and silver decorations give your creations a precious and elegant touch, including delicate powder shakers, pre-cut gold flakes, and chiseled golden transfers. We offer a vast choice of solutions to add sparkle and flair to your creations.

Color and Sprinkling

We have been 100% azo-free from the beginning and have never used unverified raw materials. Based on the E171 research findings, in 2017 we proactively banned it in all our new products to bring you creations printed with natural dyes.

Molds and Reliefs

Bars, bonbons, molds for holidays and events, Yule logs, the list goes on. Express every side of your personality and let's work together to craft your mold's special shape and style.