Pionner range

Reimagine your recipes to include remarkable flavors thanks to these pioneering, innovative products that have broken new gastronomical ground.

We are deeply committed to providing you with inspiring products that will guide your creativity.


Are you looking for a characterful chocolate that captures all the flavor of one or more terroirs? Then make sure you check out the chocolates in our Cocoa Library. They are all made using cocoa we have personally selected from the finest plantations.

Pralinés & co

The Valrhona nut range brings together three essential families: Pralinés, “Gianduja-Style” and Almond Pastes. As the pioneers of caramelized cooking, we can also provide you with a wide range of fruity pralinés. This kitchen technique brings out all green almonds’ and fresh hazelnuts’ raw flavor.

Absolutely cacao

Here, you’ll find the rich flavor of raw cocoa in all its forms, including pure pastes, nibs, cocoa powders and cocoa butters. Use as much or as little as you wish to create your own chocolate with one of five specific origins: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Madagascar and Brazil.

Laboratory Complements

Valrhona has a range of products to help you make your creations and optimize your time while maintaining quality. Do you want to garnish or decorate your creations, or are you looking for a base to structure them in? We have the right products for all your needs.