Founded in 2005, Cooperativa Norandino brings together more than 7,000 cocoa, coffee and panela families from northern Peru. Its mission is to improve the living conditions of its member families by providing access to local and international markets. Norandino is driven by fundamental values of transparency, fairness, respect, accountability, democracy and quality of service. Today, all its producers are Fairtrade certified and organic

Our relationship with Norandino began in the early 2010s thanks to our shared interest in quality and sustainability. In 2013, we signed a partnership that would enable us to work together to protect the native Gran Blanco cocoa variety. Since then, we have had exclusive rights to the Gran Blanco cocoa harvested in La Quemazon, Valle Singucate and Los Ranchos. These three communities located at the edge of the Piura desert, in the Andean foothills, have joined forces to centralize all the work that goes into fermenting and drying their endemic cocoa.

We have also expanded our partnership with Norandino to encompass cocoa supplies from the verdant Selva de San Martin forest, produced by the communities of San Juan de Shitari, San José de Sisa and Huicongo. We renewed the partnership for 10 years in 2021.


2013 Partnership signature

Renewed in 2021 for 10 years

Cooperative Type of organization

303 Producers

cabosses de cacao
cabosse de cacao


Creation of a social fund to support community development


Creation of a Gran Blanco seedling nursery


Financial aid for producers following devastating flooding


Providing clean drinking water to the communities of La Quemazón et Los Ranchos


Building of a new cocoa preparation center

100% of farms geolocalized


Construction of cafeteria in the Los Ranchos kindergarten

Installation of solar panels to power a water pump in La Quemazon

Distribution of food packages and medical supplies to fight the spread of covid


  • Renovation of the Los Ranchos dryer
  • Construction of a second dryer in Valle Singucate


  • Drinking water for the village of El Dotor
  • Construction of a building and warehouse in Valle Singucate
  • Eye care campaign for the three communities