Published on 10/26/23

Journey with us to our Bali Plantation Trip

Our recent plantation trip to Bali was an enriching experience that showcased the Sakanti blend, one of our exclusive Cuvées du Sourceur. We brought 40 customers from the Asia Pacific region to witness the partnership between Valrhona and the Co-op Koperasi Kerta Semaya Samaniya (KSS). This collaboration is responsible for the creation of the Sakanti Bali 68%, a single-origin chocolate that embodies the excellence and uniqueness Valrhona strives for.

Bali, located in the Indian Ocean, is a truly exceptional landscape. With its fertile soils and ideal rainfall levels, thanks to the chain of mountains, including the towering Agung volcano, it provides the perfect environment for cocoa cultivation. In the plantation, the Balinese cocoa is grown alongside other crops such as coconuts, creating a harmonious agricultural setting.

During the visit, participants were able to witness the vibrant cocoa pods in various stages of ripeness, surrounded by lush trees and tropical fruits such as banana, starfruit, cashew, and vanilla. It was a feast for the senses, immersing everyone in the natural beauty of the plantation.




One of the highlights of the trip was learning about the all-natural, locally available fertilizers used in the plantation. This sustainable approach not only ensures the quality of the cocoa but also helps other farms throughout Indonesia improve their crop quality. It was a firsthand experience to witness Valrhona's commitment to environmental responsibility.

The plantation visit also shed light on the positive impact Valrhona's demoplots and cocoa production have on the local community. It was heartwarming to see how these initiatives provide a new way of life for the people, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity. The transformative effects were evident and left a lasting impression on everyone.



Participants had the unique opportunity to learn about grafting young cocoa plants and planting older trees in the plantation. By actively engaging in the process, they became a part of the journey towards producing quality cocoa. Waste from the cocoa pods was ingeniously repurposed as fertilizers and feed for the livestock on the plantation, showcasing a circular and sustainable approach to agriculture.



The harvested cocoa pods are sent to a facility for drying and fermentation, ensuring the beans' quality and flavour development. Valrhona's commitment to sourcing goes beyond buying cocoa; it involves building relationships with passionate producers and communities worldwide. These partnerships allow them to create exceptional chocolates, highlighting the unique terroirs and histories of each origin.

Currently, we have 13 partnerships in 14 countries, lasting an average of 8.5 years. These long-term collaborations not only guarantee the finest quality chocolates but also foster sustainable development and positive impacts on the communities they work with.


The trip concluded with a heartwarming moment as the farmers, planters, and their families had the opportunity to taste the exquisite creations crafted by Valrhona's talented guest chefs who came to the trip. It was a beautiful exchange of appreciation and collaboration, showcasing the true essence of Valrhona's mission to create exceptional chocolates while fostering meaningful relationships with our partners.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the entire team in Bali for their warm hospitality and the incredible work they are doing with the agriculture community in Indonesia. We also deeply appreciate our valued clients who joined us on this 4-day adventure, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

This plantation trip to Bali was a journey of discovery, sustainability, and collaboration. It showcased the beauty of the cocoa plantation, the passion of the farmers, and the creativity of the chefs.



Keeping to our dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and building long-term partnerships, we will strive to create exceptional chocolates that not only delight the senses but also make a positive impact on the communities we work with.