Published on 7/24/23

Achieving more with less is no longer impossible with Frédéric Bau

Step into a world of culinary excellence and unparalleled inspiration as we recount the extraordinary week. We had the honour of hosting the legendary Frédéric Bau in Singapore, back in May. Prepare to be amazed as he flawlessly shared his boundless knowledge and skills with our esteemed Cercle V guests, leaving an indelible mark on their culinary journeys.


Hear from the man himself
Indulge in your curiosity and join Frédéric Bau, the pioneering pastry explorer behind the Gourmandise Raisonnée philosophy, as he opens up about his fascinating new book in an interview. Get a rare glimpse behind the scenes as he unveils his latest mind-boggling ideas and showcases the unwavering passion that propels him to reach new heights.


Exclusive Dinner with Frédéric Bau
The culinary adventure continued with an exclusive dinner, crafted with celebrated chefs Sam and Nick from Sunrice Academy. Prepare to be tantalized by Frédéric Bau's gastronomic menu infused with Asian flavors. The dishes, from the Oabika Spritzer to the mesmerizing Lift the Veil dessert made with Hukambi 53%, pay homage to pivotal moments in Frédéric Bau's illustrious career, with a captivating Japanese influence. This unforgettable dining experience, made possible by Valrhona innovations, will forever be etched in our memories.


Gourmandise Raisonnée by Frédéric Bau
During the event, Frédéric Bau astounded us with a showcase of his signature desserts, including the divine Constellation Fraise, iconic Paris Brest, ethereal Choux Orphéo, and the heavenly Tarte Infiniment Vanille and Tarte Infiniment Citron. His creations masterfully blend indulgence with health-consciousness—a remarkable feat that awakens the senses and satisfies the soul.

For the passionate gourmets craving a deeper understanding of the Gourmandise Raisonnée philosophy, look no further than Frédéric Bau's illuminating book. Dive into the pages to discover how he harmoniously combines artistry and nutrition, delivering pastries that embody both delicate flavors and lightness.

We were thoroughly enchanted by Frédéric Bau's extraordinary journey—an encounter that will leave us inspired, amazed, and craving nothing but the very best in the world of pastry-making for a long time.