Our Expertise

Valrhona sourcers crisscross the globe to select the finest cocoa beans and build lasting relationships with producers.

The best in selecting and growing cocoa

From Bali to Madagascar, Brazil to Ghana and the Dominican Republic to Peru – our sourcers only settle for the world’s finest cocoa beans. Over time, they have built enduring one-on-one relationships with local producers, who have shared invaluable industry expertise. This long-lasting alliance with producers constantly expands our knowledge of cocoa.

It has also given us the know-how to become producers ourselves and continually introduce novel approaches to each step of the process, from growing to fermenting to drying, so we can advance the diversification of cocoa.

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Expanding the variety of flavor

It’s quite an ambition in itself: constantly perfecting our chocolate-making skills to revolutionize chocolate.

Expanding the flavour palette is one of the never-ending journeys of chocolate-making. Our expertise results in excellence, unmatched quality and consistent taste. This all comes from the hard work of 200 tasters who undergo a year of training before they can taste, rate and select your chocolate. We also have devoted team members in every department from production to support to R&D who are shaping the chocolate revolution of tomorrow so you can fully explore your creativity.

Reach new heights with our extensive range of products from couvertures and chocolate bonbons to decorations and tasting chocolates. There are so many products that you can customize to invent your own signature creations. And you can be sure we will never stop revolutionizing chocolate, like with our 1986 Guanaja breakthrough which was the world's first bitter chocolate, or Dulcey in 2012 that gave the chocolate world a fourth color, or the first-ever fruit couverture called Inspiration.


Sharing Flavors and Expertise

We believe that knowledge must be passed on so everyone can constantly advance, perfect their craft, and find inspiration for expanding the profession.

Frédéric Bau founded l'Ecole Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage 30 years ago and there is still nothing like it to this day. Now an international standard, it is an institution of artistry, technical expertise, perfected techniques, and a place for discussing and sharing knowledge about chocolate.

Tain L’Hermitage, Paris, New York and Tokyo: there are now four Valrhona schools around the world where every year 30 pastry chefs train flavor artisans from across the globe to help them find their signature style and build their network. L’École Valrhona is an idea factory and innovation incubator, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perfect the art of chocolate.

Always at the forefront of our field, we participate in major international events like the World Pastry Cup and the C3 Chocolate Chef Competition. We are also extremely active members of world-class food networks such as Michelin and the World's 50 Best. Sharing our passion for chocolate also means passing it on to the next generations through career development. We work with top-rate culinary schools like Bocuse and Ferrandi.

Sharing our passion for chocolate also means fostering vocations. Through the Fonds Solidaire Valrhona's Graines de Pâtissier program, we give a second chance to young people aged 16 to 25 who face difficulties finding employment and connect them to opportunities in a sector that is hiring: namely pastry, baking and chocolate making.