Published on 12/20/23

Congratulations to our Chefs and Partners on their Michelin Shanghai win!

We extend our sincere congratulations to all the Michelin Shanghai guide awardees and proudly present the insightful perspectives of three of those esteemed chefs. As they share their culinary philosophies and ethos, these culinary maestros emerge as pivotal figures shaping the future of gastronomy. Dive into the revelations that follow and discover the essence of their culinary journey!

  1. Executive Pastry Chef Leafy Ng

Obscura restaurant(one Michelin star)

"Obscura's exploration of '新中菜、心中菜' (discovering new greatness in gastronomy with the heart) with global culinary techniques, blending deliciousness and innovation, earned this well-deserved recognition," says Chef Leafy.

Chef Leafy's journey into pastry-making began with an early passion for cooking, leading him to explore the limitless possibilities of cultural, regional, and technical elements in desserts. "My desserts are a never-ending exploration, seeking breakthroughs within existing frameworks while creating calorie-light surprises" shares Chef Leafy.

The award-winning dessert, "捌粑芭巴” (Baba2), is a fusion masterpiece inspired by both Western and Eastern elements. Using Opalys 33% for its subtle sweetness, Chef Leafy creates a delightful balance with Pu'er tea, coconut-infused baba cake, lychee sorbet, and more, presenting a visual and flavorful symphony.

Chef Leafy's connection with Valrhona dates to his early career in Malaysia, where he was first captivated by the exceptional taste of Valrhona chocolate. "Valrhona, as the pinnacle of chocolate, is undoubtedly my top choice for dessert creation," expresses Chef Leafy.

Obscura's Michelin star is a testament to Chef Leafy's dedication and the team's unwavering spirit in the pursuit of culinary excellence. We celebrate this achievement and look forward to more delightful creations from Chef Leafy at Obscura!


2. Executive Chef Yann Klein

Maison Lameloise Shanghai (one Michelin star)

Introducing Executive Chef Yann Klein of Maison Lameloise Shanghai, who has crafted an authentic French dining experience at the very heart of China.

His commitment to quality, showcased through the long-standing collaboration with Valrhona, is reflected in the exquisite autumn dessert featuring Sakanti Cuvée Bali 68% with a soft biscuit, chocolate cream and streusel on a bed of blackcurrant confit, and marmalade.

Maison Lameloise Shanghai has earned a well-deserved Michelin star, standing out by sourcing 65-70% of their ingredients locally with a Burgundy influence. This creates a distinctive culinary journey. Chef Yann's vision for the future of pastry in China, focusing on reduced sugar without sacrificing flavor, aligns seamlessly with our commitment to excellence.

Chef Yann's emphasis on minimalism and the concept of "gourmandise raisonnée" align perfectly with our vision for a balanced and delightful culinary experience.

Cheers to Chef Eric Pras, Chef Yann Klein, and the team at Maison Lameloise Shanghai for exemplifying the art of culinary finesse, and we look forward to many more delightful collaborations ahead!


3. Executive Pastry Chef Frederic Jaros

Da Vittorio Shanghai (two Michelin stars)

Introducing Executive Pastry Chef Frederic Jaros of Da Vittorio Shanghai, who is infusing culinary artistry with Canadian flair and the rich elegance of French chocolate.

Chef Frederic's unique artistic background shines through in each of his creations at Da Vittorio, transforming into a delightful theater of taste, visual appeal, and texture. "It's like a performance… I love art that you can express with gastronomy," expresses Chef Frederic.

Looking into the future, Chef Frederic envisions a harmonious fusion of local ingredients with foreign techniques, creating lighter, palate-friendly indulgences and any foreign trending technique that is happening in Europe.

His innovative approach includes incorporating Eastern ingredients, like the local waxberry, into his desserts. Chef Frederic's fondness for chocolate, particularly Araguani, and Opalys, showcases his discerning taste: "My heart always goes with Araguani chocolate. If I need to use dark chocolate, it will be Araguani”.

The concept of "gourmandise raisonnée" becomes his guiding principle: "I think it's the future of what's going to happen in the establishment".

Here's to many more years of crafting culinary masterpieces with passion and flair!