Published on 10/26/23

Cercle V is finally in China!


Cercle V is finally in China!

At Valrhona, we believe that exquisite craftsmanship achieves extraordinary results, and our passion for creating quality products continues because of you. Over the past 20 years, the Cercle V membership program, originally from France, has upheld the values of excellence, authenticity, respect for individuality, and collective progress. It provides a platform for conversation, communication, innovation, and resource expansion.

Now, we finally launched the Cercle V membership program in China! The Cercle V launch took place on October 12th, bringing together numerous professional pastry chefs and outstanding partners to thank them for their support at the beautiful Villa Le Bec in Shanghai.

To mark this incredible milestone, we hosted an unforgettable ceremony that’s all about celebrating with our amazing clients and friends. Our brilliant team of chefs, along with Frederic Bau, have curated an amazing menu for the day.

Frederic Bau, one the founders of L’Ecole Valrhona and Valrhona’s very own Pastry Explorer, was presenting the highlight of the ceremony - the sharing of the newest "The Essentials”.

Fifteen years ago, Frederic Bau initiated the discussion on the theory of "reasoned indulgence," which re-examines the traditional approach to pastry making. It aims to enhance the nutritional quality of desserts while preserving their flavors. Now in Valrhona, we have continued to embrace the concept of "reasonable indulgence" in all our work. The first “The Essentials” was created in 1995 by Valrhona under Frederic Bau's initiative, creating the first “Pastry Essentials".

Now in 2023, Valrhona is taking a fresh look at the current recipes and pastry-making. Inspired by the concept of "reasoned indulgence," our team of pastry chefs and the research and development department have spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, and tasting to redesign over 20 recipes, seeking balance in each formula. These efforts are driven by the belief that desserts should not only be delicious, and visually appealing but healthy and responsible to the consumer.

Based on these considerations, at Valrhona, we have now incorporated new standards into the recipes. Nutritional quality is now an emphasis. For example, the recipe for whipped ganache has been innovated, replacing most of the cream with whole milk and potato starch, significantly reducing its fat and calorie content. It now offers a lighter texture and a more intense and authentic chocolate flavour, while also improving its shelf life.


The new "The Essentials" are now presented in a more sustainable loose-leaf format, offering both digital and physical versions to cater to different users' needs. This includes classic recipes as well as the latest creations from our research and development team. Each recipe will be regularly updated over time. "The Essentials" have now become a culinary companion for food creators and restaurants worldwide. Cercle V members can enjoy exclusive benefits and unlock more delicious inspirations through the online website, app, or physical handbook of “The Essentials." From Tain l'Hermitage to Tokyo, from Brooklyn to the heart of Paris, these professional techniques have been passed down for a century.

Today, the culinary world continues to face many challenges and must constantly innovate. At Valrhona, we never stop thinking and continuously updating techniques, operations, and traditions, setting new standards for pastry making and leading the future of dessert creation. Whether it involves seasonal products, short supply chains, ingredients, health, or nutrition, at Valrhona we will always prioritize protecting the earth and conserving resources as its core philosophy and responsibility.

We aim to bring to the table high-quality cuisine and deliver astonishing flavors with care.