Brice Konan Ferrand

Brice Konan-Ferrand

Pastry Chef - Asia

After training at the Olivier Bajard International School in Perpignan, Brice began his career as an apprentice chef focusing on hors d’œuvres at the Parador de Turismo de Jávea Hotel in Spain. He then worked as a station chef in the luxury restaurant L’Orangeraie, at the Château de Lignan in southern France. He continued his career with Arnaud Larher, an exceptional pastry chef and chocolatier and Meilleur Ouvrier de France.  

In 2014, he took part in the TV show “Qui Sera le Prochain Grand Pâtissier” on France 2 (whose title translates as “Who Will Be the Next Top Pastry Chef?”), where he placed fifth out of ten. He also took part in the European Challenge of Sugar Art in Belfort in 2013, where he again took fifth place. 

As his pastry-making skills and experience grew, having won the approval of his peers, Brice took the next step in his career and joined Maison Bouillet, where he took on the dual role as pastry chef and instructor. He then worked with the L’Umia restaurant and L’École Valrhona as a pastry chef and pastry and chocolate instructor. 

His expertise and attention to detail are indicative of his dedication and ceaseless drive to perfect his art. He is delighted to be able to share his passion at L’École Valrhona in Tokyo.  

Brice Konan Ferrand