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As a user, hereafter “you” or “the User,” who visits, hereafter “the Website,” you are acknowledging that you are aware of the terms below and the specific terms pertaining to certain services on the Website and that you accept said terms.

1.    Legal Notice
The Website publisher is Valrhona SAS, hereafter “the Publisher,” with capital of €1,539,990, registered with the Registry of Trade and Companies of Romans-sur-Isère (26100 – France) under number 435 480 520 and the Intracommunity VAT No. FR79435480520.
The headquarters is located at 12-14-16-18 avenue du Président Roosevelt 26600 TAIN L'HERMITAGE - France.
Tel.: +33 (0)4 75 07 90 90
Editor-in-Chief: Juliana Lepan, Marketing Director

2.    Website Hosting

Legal Name:
Address: 38 rue du Sentier, 75002, Paris, France
Head office address: SAS, 131 bd de Sebastopol, 75002, Paris, France
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 40 09 30 00

3. Realization of the website

Site created by the Infostrates agency, whose head office is based at 4 Montée du Commandant de Robien, ZAC la Valentine, 13011 Marseille.

4.    Intellectual Property Rights

The Website and all of its content (specifically the business trademarks, logos, and all of the graphic, textual and computerized components of the Website that notably include tree views, layouts, articles, presentations, illustrations, photographs, and/or any other documents) are protected by French and international intellectual property regulations.

All copyrights reserved © - since January 2017.

Under no circumstances may browsing the Website or the notices therein be construed as the granting of a usage license or any right whatsoever to utilize these components.
As such, it is prohibited to partially or wholly portray, reproduce, merge, circulate or repost them (Article L. 122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code). Anyone who does so without the ability to prove prior and express authorization from the holder of these rights is subject to the penalties for the crime of infringement (articles L. 335-2 et seq of the French Intellectual Property Code). The Publisher may exercise its rights, particularly its intellectual property right, to seek legal action, notably criminal.
The Publisher reserves the right at any time to upgrade or change the information, products, programs or terms of use set forth on the Website, and this without the possibility of being held liable for such actions. The enforceable terms and notice shall be those in force on the date that you log into the Website.

All of the brands cited, specifically Valrhona, are registered trademarks.

The photographs posted on the Website are protected by copyright. Photo credits are not indicated for practical reasons. For more information about the photographers, please contact the Publisher using the contact form provided on the Website. 

5. Hyperlinks

The Website may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. Users redirected to a third-party website via a hyperlink set up to go to other websites acknowledge that the Publisher has no control over the content, information, products or services offered on those websites. Consequently, the Publisher may under no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of websites that can be accessed via hyperlinks.
The Publisher is also not responsible for hyperlinks that redirect to the Website.
Anyone wishing to install hyperlinks that redirect to the Website must obtain the prior written consent of the Publisher.

6. Limitation of Liability

The Publisher brings to the User’s attention the nature and limitations of the World Wide Web. The Publisher shall not be held liable for any damages caused by accessing the Website or, in the opposite case, the lack of access to it. The Publisher can in no way be held liable if the Website is unavailable for any reason whatsoever (technical defect, network overload, etc.).
Users hereby recognize that they use the Website at their own risk and under their sole responsibility. The Publisher shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, material or immaterial damage caused by Users, their computer or telecommunications devices, the data stored therein or the effects that may result from their personal, professional or commercial actions.
The information on the Website is provided for informational purposes. The information provided on the Website is periodically updated and verified, but may still contain errors. In all cases, the information must be taken into account when it is posted online, not when it is read on the Website because it may have been updated between the time it was uploaded and when you become aware of it. In any event, the PP cannot be held liable as a consequence of this information.

7. Accessing password-protected areas

Access to areas that are protected by a password is strictly reserved for authorized users. Users agree not to wrongfully access these areas and, specifically, not to assume the identity, access code or address of another user. Any unauthorized person attempting to access these areas may be subject to legal action.

8. Using the Website

The Publisher primarily provides the Website for the use of its professional clients, distributors, individuals and anyone else wishing to learn about and purchase its products and services.

When browsing or logging into the Website:

  • You agree to comply with the stipulations in this notice and, more broadly, the applicable regulations,
  • You will refrain from any collection or fraudulent use, notably of any personal information you may gain access to and, generally, any conduct likely to cause harm to a third party.

When you complete a form and provide information, you agree to:

  • Supply information that is true, accurate, up-to-date when entered and in particular, to neither misrepresent any names, properties or addresses nor provide names, properties or addresses without permission to do so,
  • Maintain registration information updated in order to constantly ensure it is true and accurate,
  • Not make available or share any information, programs or information that is illegal, objectionable or damaging such as viruses or hacking/copying software,
  • Not post any comments, opinions or information that is defamatory, obscene, violent, or racist in nature and more generally that violates current laws and regulations, human rights or public decency.

Should any of these provisions be violated, the Publisher reserves the right to prevent your access to the Website or the services offered, with the sole fault lying with you and without prejudice to any claims for liability.

9. Scope of application and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions herein apply to any and all Users for an unlimited time and space.