Carupano, Sucre

Cacao San José is a family business that has been growing cocoa in Venezuela since 1830. The company's goal is to promote economic prosperity and long-term business relationships, contributing to social well-being and sustainable development. They do this, for example, by helping to create educational programs for children from communities in the surrounding areas and by promoting entrepreneurship. For Cacao San José, the quality of their cocoa goes hand in hand with their aim of having a positive social impact and with their work on the family plantation to preserve the genetic variety of cocoa. It is this commitment that led us to build a long-term partnership with them in 2016. Our desire to forge a lasting relationship is stronger than ever, despite the political and economic crisis facing Venezuela today.

Plantation Cacao San José

2016 Partnership signature

Length of partnership : 10 years

25 years Exclusive rights

over the cocoa varieties from the plantation we are creating together

550 Producers

Since 2020

we have been developing a family-owned micro-entrepreneurship project in coordination with UNDP (United Nations Development Program) 


Renovation of a primary school 


Development of an education project for young people who have dropped out of school for cocoa and agroforestry  


More than 1,422 ha mapped  

120 children

whose schooling conditions improved

50 families

trained in micro-entrepreneurship

60 young people

in difficulty trained in cocoa-related professions