Single Origin Tanariva 33% Pure Madagascar

Cocoa beans from Madagascar give Tanariva 33% its balanced acidity smoothed with distinctive milk and caramel notes.

Flavor Profile Greedy

Secondary Notes Soft Caramel

Product Information

Following Manjari’s wildly popular reception, in 2002 we created our first Single Origin milk chocolate: Tanariva 33% from Madagascar.

In doing so, we strengthened our bond with our long-standing partner, the Millot Plantation. Valrhona has been a shareholder in the Millot Estate since 2016, enabling the two of us to share joint ambitions and formulate a long-term development plan.


Tanariva 33% Pure Madagascar's Origins



Optimal Application


Recommended Applications

MoldingBarsMoussesCremeux&GanachesIce Cream&Sorbets


GrapefruitMandarinOrangeRaspberryCoffeeStar aniseVanillaSalted butter caramel

% of main ingredient

33% of Cocoa

Best by:

12 months


Milk 27%, Sugar 37%, Fat 37%

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 4659
Blocs 3x1kg - 3692

Other feature(s)

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