Published on 12/4/20

Let’s celebrate the 30years of Manjari with the Discovery box

This year, we celebrate the 30 years of our first Grand Cru de Terroir from Madagascar: MANJARI 64%. This anniversary is also the opportunity to celebrate the long-term partnership we have with the Millot Plantation. With the current context of social distancing and limited gathering, Valrhona and L’Ecole Valrhona created the first Discovery Box, a new alternative offering the full experience of a traditional demo in a box. The gems of Madagascar are highlighted with 4 special creations from L’Ecole Valrhona showcasing Manjari, Tanariva, Inspiration and Norohy Vanilla, the latest addition of our high-quality Madagascan vanilla.

30 years of partnership with Millot 

The presence of Valrhona in Madagascar started in 1986 and led to the launch four years later of Manjari, the first Grand Cru de Terroir produced with cocoa from a single source. Throughout the years, the relationship strengthened and led to the creation of exceptional couvertures such as Tanariva, Itakuja and Amatika – our new vegan milk couverture. 
Having long term partnership is key commitment to respect best social and environmental practices, between producers and Valrhona. This partnership allows us to invest in several projects improving the living conditions amongst producer communities such as houses renovation and construction of healthcare center. The support also involves the cocoa producing facilities and plantation with the improvement of production technics and promotion of the agroforestry. 

Going further with strong commitment  

As daily driver, we are aiming to have a positive impact in the gastronomy and cocoa sector by bringing together cocoa producers, pastry professionals and chocolate lovers. This commitment is also reflected by the company mission: “Together, good becomes better”.
The continuous efforts were recognized by the B Corp certification, earned in February 2020. This certification is an external recognition of our engagement, focusing on the promotion of fairness, environmental responsibility, and ethical business practices. 

Two new gems with Amatika and the Norohy Vanilla

Officially launched at the end of 2020, Valrhona created the 1st Vegan Grand Cru born at the heart of Madagascar cocoa plantations called Amatika. A 46% chocolate couverture combining the sweetness and smoothness of almond with the aromatic power of pure cocoa from the Red Island.  
The quest of providing the highest quality ingredients to pastry Chefs was the starting point of the birth of a new vanilla brand, Norohy. Result of the union between the vanilla producers’ association Trimeta Agro Food and Valrhona, Norohy is committed to making the world of vanilla more virtuous and has chosen to supply fine, organic and traceable vanilla beans, from the regions of Mananara and Maroantsetra in Madagascar, the modern cradle of Vanilla. The vanilla is transformed according to Ecocert requirement specification, following the organic vanilla criteria and in an ethical work environment. 

Time for tasting 

Taste is a fundamental element of pastry and due to the current context, travelling cakes is becoming an increasing trend. To tackle these issues L’Ecole proposition is based on innovative ideas of travel cakes that goes well beyond just elaborated pound cake.. 

MANJARI LEMON, is a moist Manjari chocolate cake with little touch of acidity brought by the candied lemon. The main innovation is the ET beans (for Ecole Tokyo Bean), a new crunchy nibbling made to look alike sundried cocoa bean, made from pita dough and coated with a baked glaze. This can be used as much as a decoration as for simple nibbling or petit four in restaurants.

MOMENT of INSPIRATION tin, highlight new recipe based on the traditional Japanese Wagashi  pastry. The creation combines the fragrances of Inspiration couverture, ganache and sable textures. The result is a paste which is less sensitive to the heat or humidity, and also less sweet than a traditional “Pate de fruit”.

NOROHY VANILLA is brought under the spotlight in this tin. This recipe combines the strong fragrances of Vanilla, with the sharp taste and acidity of Raspberry puree, and Raspberry vinegar. A very light sponge texture based on large proportion of egg white compare to traditional travel cake. This cake is paired with the light crumbliness of shortbread and the strong fragrance of Inspiration paste.

Have a nice travel to Madagascar!