Published on 11/30/20

100% traceability: increasing transparency in our supply chain

100% traceable cocoa

Traceability allows Valrhona to fully guarantee the origin of its cocoa from the producer. Today, 100% of our cocoa is traceable from the producer. We have set ourselves the objective of achieving 100% traceability from the farm by 2021. This will involve ensuring each plot is geolocated and mapped out. With this in place, in addition to the knowledge of our producers, we will be in a position to effectively implement our Cocoa & Forests policy, and its anti-deforestation provisions in particular.

With the collaboration of our partner cooperative, 100% of our producers in Côte d'Ivoire have been geolocated and mapped out. Thus, we are increasing our traceability from the farm and also ensuring that our beans never come from classified forests or national parks.


This traceability is a condition for transparency.

This year marked a new stage for Valrhona with the launch of an interactive map of all our partners, accessible to everyone on our website.

Through this map, visitors can find out more about each of our partners, our relationship, our joint actions and impact, and the products created with the cocoa from the origin in question.

Check it out yourself at

Key figure:

  • 100% of our cocoa is traceable from the producer
  • 100% of our producers from Côte d'Ivoire have been geolocated and mapped out