For tasting Pure Origin Bar Tanariva

Milky & Caramelized: Tanariva offers a balanced aromatic profile, combining tangy flavoers which emerge alongside hints of milk and caramel

Product Information

Following Manjari’s wildly popular reception, in 2002 we created our first Single Origin milk chocolate: Tanariva 33% from Madagascar.

In doing so, we strengthened our bond with our long-standing partner, the Millot Plantation. Valrhona has been a shareholder in the Millot Estate since 2016, enabling the two of us to share joint ambitions and formulate a long-term development plan.


Partner producer


Andzavibe, Ambanja 13°36’44.4”S / 48°25’27.2”E


% of main ingredient

33% of Cocoa

Best by:

15 months


Milk 27%, Sugar 37%, Fat 37%

Packaging Format

Tablette 70g - 12361

Other feature(s)

May contain nuts and gluten.

Available packaging : Stick 20g Grand Cru Tanariva - 12337

Contact your distributor to check the availability in your country.