For tasting Pure Origin Bar Bahibé

Milky & Cocoa-Rich: Thanks to its high cocoa content, Bahibé adds intense cocoa notes to its gentle milky flavor, with nutty hues, fruity acidity and a slightly bitter edge

Product Information

With a cocoa content of 46%, Bahibe is a milk chocolate with a particularly high cocoa content.

This outstanding product is grown by our partner-producers in the Dominican Republic. In fact, it was in one of these plantations where the Cacao Forest project first came into being. The Cacao Forest initiative uses agroforestry techniques to reinvent the cocoa farming of the future, to help both protect the planet and diversify producers’ income.


Partner producer

Dominican Republic CONACADO

Joba Arriba, Espaillat 19°33’52.4”N / 70°16’8”W


% of main ingredient

46% of Cocoa

Best by:

15 months


Milk 23%, Sugar 30%, Fat 42%

Packaging Format

Tablette 70g - 12362

Other feature(s)

May contain nuts and gluten.

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