Published on 3/8/21

Get Ready for Easter

April is coming and the celebrations that come with it!  As the year goes on, we all continue sharing delicious pastries to please our loved ones. We simply cannot wait to explore pastry chefs’  and chocolatiers’ latest creations, and to see what you baked for this so chocolate-y event! This year, the chefs at L’École Valrhona have created indulgent recipes, various vibrant desserts and some fun eggs, so explore them now and enchant your friends and family of all ages!

Easter Moulding
You can realise this moulding with any of our chocolate, it's time to get creative for your master piece on the table!
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Gluten-free Chocolate Cake
What is a party without a good chocolate cake? In times of feast, a gluten-free cake can save appetite
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It's time to really get into it and get creative: macarons can be of ANY shape, why not try a rabbit?
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