Tain l’Hermitage

Romain Grzelczyk

Pastry Chef Trainer



Romain stepped into the workshop in his village’s bakery and pastry shop for the first time at the tender age of nine. It was at this exact moment that he found his vocation.

That sense of fascination having never left him, he did an apprenticeship in the Jura region with Camille Chevalet, who passed on his passion for chocolate and taught him values such as respect, rigor and sharing.

In 2000, he took the next step in his education with an apprenticeship alongside Philippe Segond. It was in Aix-en-Provence with this Meilleur Ouvrier de France that he got his “BTM” qualification in Chocolate and became a Chocolatier, a role he stayed in until 2011. Romain’s experience has allowed him to take up a hybrid role at Valrhona that combines making chocolate bonbons with R&D, a department in which he has spent four years teaching and learning.

In 2015, Romain joined the L’École Valrhona family as an Instructor and R&D Coordinator. It served as a golden opportunity to showcase the values which define his approach to chocolate-making.

Some of his creations