Marie, Yusuke, Ginger, Thalia, Jennifer, Callum, Paolo, Peter, Guito, Smita… 
One hundred altogether. A collective of committed people who represent each of us. Those who have embodied the spirit of Valrhona all around the world for 100 years. From young chefs to employees, pastry chefs at the biggest hotels and restaurants to cocoa partners, each individual looks passionately to the future, sowing the seeds of an ever-more creative, fair and sustainable future for chocolate. 



Put your knowledge to the test as you meet the people who form the beating heart of Valrhona every day. Each of the 100 portraits helps you uncover the secrets of this fabulous ingredient, the company’s history and its commitments to a fair, sustainable cocoa industry and creative, responsible gastronomy.
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Diabate Vafing
Cocoa producer, Ivory Coast

In 2021, how many children have been able to go to the elementary school in Côte d’Ivoire thanks to the partnership between Valrhona and the Coopérative Agricole Persévérance de Dibobly-Guezon (CAPEDIG)?

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