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Made with Guanaja 70%

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Any Valrhona chocolate can be used for this recipe, as well as our INSPIRATION products.

Weigh out a quantity of chocolate. Melt two-thirds of it in either a bain-marie or microwave. Raise the temperature to 45-50°C for milk chocolates or 50-55°C for dark chocolates. Once these temperatures have been reached, add the remaining third of unmelted chocolate. Mix by hand, then using an immersion blender. Be careful not to incorporate any air bubbles. Measure the chocolate’s temperature – it should be 29-30°C for milk chocolates or 31-32°C for dark chocolates. Heat STRAWBERRY or PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION to 45-50°C and work it at 31-32°C. The chocolate is now tempered. Make sure you keep the chocolate at this temperature while you work with it. Reheat the chocolate’s surface using a hairdryer if you need to.

Assembly and finishing

Fill differently sized half-egg moulds with some tempered chocolate.
Turn over, leave the chocolate to spread for a few moments, then leave to set. Use a knife to scrape away any excess so that the joins are clean when you assemble your eggs. Before the chocolate sets completely, you can mould your half-eggs a second time – this is optional and should only be done if you want a thicker egg.
Leave them to set, scrape away any excess again and refrigerate for 5 minutes. Leave at room temperature (ideally 18-20°C) until they slip easily out of their moulds. Stick the half-eggs together to form whole eggs.