Made with Blond Dulcey 35%

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380g Egg White
50g SOSA Trehalose
130g Caster Sugar
10g Egg White Powder

280g Egg Yolk
25g SOSA Trehalose

120g Soft Flour
120g Vegetable Oil

Make a stiff meringue with egg white, 50g of SOSA Trehalose, caster sugar & egg white powder
On a bain-marie, warm egg yolk and 25g of SOSA Trehalose to 40 ° C. Then roughly mix egg yolk mixture into meringue follow by folding in sifted soft flour.
Warm vegetable oil to 70°C and fold into previous mixture. Spread the cake mixture on a 60 x 40cm baking paper lined tray.
Put an extra baking tray underneath and bake in deck oven at 195/195°C for 17 minutes.
Once the sponge is baked, move it on cooling rack and peel off baking papers on 4 sides.


400g Milk
8g Gelatine Powder
40g Water
680gDULCEY 32%
800g Whipping Cream 35%

Heat up milk and stir in rehydrated gelatine. Pour hot liquid over melted Dulcey and process a perfect emulsion with hand blender.
Add cold whipping cream and mix with hand blender again.
Let crystallise in fridge overnight before use.


63gDUCLEY 32%
125g Caster Sugar
203g Coconut Milk
1pc Norohy Vanilla Pod
2g Sea Salt
53g Butter

Make a dry caramel with caster sugar, deglaze the caramel with hot coconut milk, add scraped vanilla and fleur de sel and cook to 103 °C. Let cool down to 75 °C before pouring onto melted Dulcey, mix with a hand blender to perfect the emulsion.
Once the mixture cool down to 35 ° C, add soften butter and blend again. Set aside in fridge overnight before use.

Assembly and finishing

Cut out 2 pieces of 18-cm square Soft Sponge and place 1 piece inside a 18-cm square cake ring.
Spread 65g Dulcey Salted Caramel and 110g of Dulcey Namelaka on the sponge. Place 110g of durian . Cover the durian with 120g of Dulcey Namelaka. Sprinkle 40g Dulcey Crunchy Pearls on top. and place 2nd piece sponge. Place the cake in freezer for 10 minutes before unmolding.
Mask the cake with Dulcey Namelaka (~360g) and cover with digestive biscuit crumble.

Meet the Chef
Pastry Chef Trainer - Asia at Tokyo

Circle Wong

My mum is a fun of durian. One day she said to me: you are a pastry chef working in a chocolate company, make me a chocolate durian cake then! So I tried pairing different Valrhona chocolate with Durian. Finally….i found out the sea salt caramel flavour from Dulcey works perfectly well with durian.

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