Grands Crus Blend Abinao 85%

A high cocoa content and a skilful blend of the finest cocoa beans from Africa make Abinao 85% a "Marriage of Grands Cru s" characterized by powerful tannins with a strong, lingering intensity.

Flavor Profile Bitter

Secondary Notes Woody

Hint of Raw cocoa

Product Information

Valrhona shows its appreciation for African cocoas with Abinao. A 'Mariage de Grands Crus' from Africa handpicked for a cocoa-intense recipe that gives Abinao its exquisite bitter profile. A unique flavor profile that is a rare sensory delight for people who crave cocoa's characteristic intense bitterness.


Recommended Applications

BarsMoussesCremeux&GanachesIce Cream&Sorbets



% of main ingredient

86% of Cocoa

Best by:

14 months


Sugar 13%, Fat 48%

Packaging Format

3kg bean bag - 5614

Other feature(s)

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