Our Mission

Together, good becomes better

Our mission is to foster a collective movement which brings together all cocoa, chocolate and gastronomy players to push the boundaries and create a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and a gastronomy that does good and tastes great​.

Valrhona, a committed company at your side for a world of cocoa and chocolate that is increasingly fair and sustainable

We are carrying out multiple actions as part of the Live Long program.

These actions need to be more visible. But we alone will never be able to change the tide.

It is our customers, artisans, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, chefs, and bakers who encourage fairer consumption every day.

They are the ones who have the power to drive change by our side.


The challenges we must face

The development of the upstream and downstream parts of the cocoa and chocolate industries.

Upstream, a major challenge: improve cocoa production conditions, both for producers (income, living conditions, human rights) and for the environment (forest protection).

Downstream, a necessary development: help culinary arts to become more responsible (delicious and beautiful but also healthier, more transparent, and respectful of humans and the planet).

Succeed in better connecting the two worlds of cocoa and culinary arts

Creating links between the upstream and downstream parts of the industry, and creating cooperation between different players, means working for chocolate that benefits everyone and food that tastes good, feels good, and looks good.