Ailun Lun

Pastry Chef Trainer

2006-2010  Fu Jen Catholic University

                      Major in Japanese

Minor in Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management

2011-2012  Shop Supervisor of Tenya Japanese Restaurant

2012-2014  Tokyo Belle époque College of Confectionery  and Culinary

2014-Now  Pâtissiere Valrhona, Ecole Valrhona Tokyo

Amazed by the pastries in Japan, she decided to move to Tokyo for further pastry studies.  After the training program in Tokyo Belle époque College of Confectionery and Culinary, she officially joined L’Ecole Valrhona Tokyo in January 2014. Being trained as a chocolate chef of Valrhona, she had the opportunity to work with amazing Japanese pastry chef, such as Hideki KAWAMURA, Masaaki HAYASHI, Yukihiro NABETA, Daisuke TOMITA and Yusuke AOKI.  And had the great honor to work closely with Gianluca Fusto, Christophe Renou, Quentin Baily, Jérémie Runel and Philippe Rigollot for the demonstrations in Asia.

Influenced by the pastry culture from France, Japan, as well as the growth background of Taiwan, her creations have a composite cultural characteristic.

By traveling around Asia for the education and training program, she and her team are putting all efforts into spreading the knowledge and know-how of chocolate.