The “Cuvees du Sourceur” exceptional creations in a limited edition

Valrhona has always traveled the world in search of the rarest cocoas. This is how, in 2008, the “Cuvees du Sourceur” came to be, chocolates originating from beans selected by the Valrhona sourcers for their unique aromatic profiles. They meet a sole requirement: to provide professionals with rare products that inspire and helps them set themselves apart.
The “Cuvees du Sourceur” are the product of the privileged relationship between Valrhona and its cocoa producers.

Valrhona sourcers, Benjamin Figarède, Julien Desmedt and Cédric Robin relate: “Being a sourcer with Valrhona is much more than just purchasing cocoa. During the course of our travels, we enjoy regularly meeting with growers’ keen on sharing their culture with us” they continue: “When a rare cocoa with a unique aromatic profile is suggested to us by a partner, we make every effort to make the best of it and provide you with an exclusive chocolate”.


Bali 68%, a significant cuvee for the farmers’ Community

In December 2013, a sourcer from Valrhona, Julien Desmedt visited Bali for the first time where he met up with the members of the Kerta Samaya Samaniya (KSS) co-op. Supported by the Indonesian NGO Kalimanjari, KSS today federates over 400 cocoa farmers in a common goal of quality and sustainable production.

Following several meetings between Valrhona and KSS members along with a visit by the Asia-Pacific Valrhona team, the decision to buy a first container of cocoa in order to create a sourcers Cuvée is quickly made. The Cuvée Bali 68% distribution will be previewed by the Asia-Pacific customers.

For KSS, this was the first international cocoa export, widely celebrated by the cocoa farmers and local authorities at a big party during which the container was “blessed”.

Ketut, KSS co-op manager quotes: “Through our collaboration, we were able to work together in a quality approach, which has enabled KSS to become a real player in the Balinese cocoa world in the eyes of the cocoa farmers and the authorities. In the future, with the help of Valrhona, we hope to achieve a cocoa production of even higher quality while improving production yields for the farmers.”

A distinguished couverture chocolate

Cuvée Bali 68 % reveals a sweet acidity, marked by fruity notes, followed by intense chocolaty notes and a subtle bitter finish.

This couverture chocolate, available in a 1 kg format, can be declined endlessly: ganache-bonbon, coatings, moldings, pastry ganache, mousse, sauces, sorbets and ice cream, chocolate drinks, decoration, icings, creams.

This exclusive Cuvée marries up perfectly with coconut freshness, red fruit delicacy or ginger intensity.

This cuvée will, without a doubt, inspire the greatest chefs and craftsmen in their exclusive and distinguishing creations.

Julien Desmedt, Valrhona cocoa sourcer concludes: “This cuvée is the result of our commitment to support emerging organizations such as KSS in a quality approach, in order to provide our customers with new and differentiating origins. The adventure continues in 2017”.