VALRHONA CELEBRATES 10 YEARS OF P125 COEUR DE GUANAJA – Genuine Chocolate Concentrate –

An expert chocolatier for almost a century, Valrhona is currently showcasing P125 coeur de Guanaja, a product which represents a real technical revolution for gastronomy professionals.

Since it was first created in 1922, Valrhona has faithfully respected three essential values: passion, commitment and excellence. Maison Valrhona works in close collaboration with each artisan to constantly push the boundaries of creativity and flavor, together imagining the best of chocolate.
Our sourcing team scours the world to discover the finest cocoa beans, studying the terrain, soil, climate, and growing method to be found in the best plantations. Valrhona has committed to these plantations through long-term partnerships, which guarantee a permanent and fair relationship with us.
Resolutely forward-facing in its outlook, Valrhona continues to pursue its quest for excellence every year, so that we may serve gourmet flavor craftsmen. Valrhona’s creative director Frédéric Bau created l’École Valrhona in 1989 to support and pass on skills to artisans. It is made up of 30 pastry chefs and four leading establishments around the world where tomorrow’s top chocolate trends are born, in Tain l’Hermitage, Versailles, Tokyo and New York. The company’s expertise is now renowned right around the globe.
In 1986, our company created Guanaja, the world’s most bitter chocolate, and it remains a Valrhona icon to this day. In a bid to push back the boundaries even further, P125 coeur de Guanaja came out in 2008. After several years of research, Valrhona developed unique, innovative technology to create the first ever dark chocolate concentrate, “P125 Coeur de Guanaja”.


Having been created using the same blend of outstanding cocoas as our iconic 1986 Guanaja cuvée, known as “the world’s most bitter chocolate”, P125 coeur de Guanaja is a genuine chocolate concentrate and a revolutionary product that brings intense color and flavor to all your pastry creations.
P125 coeur de Guanaja is less sweet than a couverture, and it has twice the aromatic power. This is because we use almost two times the amount of dry cocoa, which lends products a chocolatey flavor.
Thanks to the low cocoa butter content, it allows for the creation of creamy, soft, melting textures, which work beautifully with the product’s intense chocolate flavor. And all this comes without a hint of a brittleness.
Just like GUANAJA, this chocolate concentrate undergoes a long period of conching, giving it aromas that are as fine and complex as a classic Valrhona couverture.