L’École Valrhona’s mission is to support chocolate and pastry professionals, offering techniques, tips and ideas to inspire your pastry creations. This aim is the driving force behind Creative Gatherings, a feature in which our chefs bring you new ideas to help you become ever more creative and to stand out from the crowd.

Over the course of several days, our École Valrhona chefs came together to draw inspiration from diverse fields, ranging from architecture and fashion, to painting and design. They shared and exchanged, letting their imaginations run free. Their goal: to give a new dimension to your entremets and chocolate tablets to put a new spin on viennoiserie or to imagine new restaurant desserts. Their guiding principle: to bring you simple tips and ideas that are easy to apply in your kitchen.


In “1. Small is Beautiful”, we invite you to discover single portion creations, with techniques from our chefs to give a new allure to your viennoiseries.

For the chefs who created these miniature viennoiseries for your customers, small really is beautiful. 1. Small is Beautiful is a search for precision, as small creations require meticulous attention to both flavor and texture. As such, 1. Small is Beautiful is a story of indulgence in just a few mouthfuls.

When developing this theme, our chefs were also guided by the belief that quality beats quantity. By offering a diverse range of mini viennoiseries, your customers will be able to try bite-sized versions of your different creations. A special, almost selfish, pleasure, just right for those who don’t want to share your delicious viennoiseries with anyone else. Pure indulgence!

Enter the world of 1. Small is Beautiful and catch a glimpse of the different steps behind each creation. Discover ideas, techniques and tips that will inspire to you to put a new twist on well-loved classics, all the while creating small and beautiful pastries.

Turn the traditional brioche on its head with these garnished cube shaped mini brioches. Offer your clients a new brioche shape to the classic brioche à tête, the navette or the simple sugared brioche.


If you’ve ever made croissants, you’ll know that there are always scraps of dough left over at the end. Our chefs’ idea was to create a delicious viennoiserie without wasting a single thing. They imagined a chocolate center wrapped in thin strips of dough, creating a pastry that looks like a ball of wool.


Brighten up your miniature cake offer in a fun and simple way. Unlike the classic madeleine, our Mademoiselle Madeleine has a hollow instead of a bump, allowing you to make your pastry even more indulgent. Personalize your madeleine as you or your customer wishes by using toppings to order.

mademoiselle cut

A much-loved favorite in many a bakery, the apple chausson is a classic viennoiserie with a simple appearance.

Playing with shape and appearances is a fun way to breathe new life into your viennoiseries. And indeed this is exactly what our chefs did to reinterpret the classic pain au chocolat.


After the brioche, pain au chocolat and the apple chausson, our pastry chefs decided to put their own spin on the pain au lait. With a deliciously soft texture, the pain au lait is a key part of a French breakfast or snack time.