Get your fill of new ideas and tips with the pastry chefs at L’École Valrhona!

Breathe new life into your pastries and chocolates, and dream up unique restaurant dishes and desserts.
Explore the four issues of Exercises de Style and find your way to be more creative, offering ranges like no other.


This third guide to all the latest trends – 3. Illusions – shows pastry-making in a whole new light using humor and imagination. From sleights of hand to tricks of the eye, visual effects and misdirection, our pastry chefs are teaching us how to play with outward appearances and twist reality in our search for culinary delight.
Melba toast is transformed, chocolate bars metamorphose into frivolous games, desserts take on an enigmatic transparency and dishes become fiendish origami. With their fantastical ideals, our pastry chefs are encouraging you to shake up both form and function and let your senses run wild, so that you can give your customers the delightful experiences of their dreams. Play with visual effects, appearances, textures and disjunctions: The possibilities are endless when it comes to dazzling your gourmet diners.

Because they are so singular and sometimes abstract, your desserts will attract and fascinate customers. The one thing we know for sure is real are the heightened senses that these gourmet creations provide.

Be enchanted by all the magic and fantasy of 3. Illusion. From page to page, our chefs reveal secrets, tips and techniques, like magicians revealing magic tricks.

It has the crunchiness and shape of melba toast, and it goes beautifully with jam or spreads – But it is much more gourmet and flavorsome!

201511_CREA_06_LOGO_150dpi BISCOTINE

This creation’s enigmatic transparent sheathe hints at the shapes and colors within. We are left to delectably imagine extraordinary textures and flavors… This gluten-free dessert will intrigue no end of customers.

201511_CREA_18_LOGO_RVB-150dpi APPARENCE

With a little sleight of hand, could a maze turn into a chocolate bar? Or could a chocolate bar turn into a maze? Either way, playing with your food is no longer forbidden – Far from it, in fact!


Folds, cut-outs and multi-sides… This time, shape and material create the illusion. This dessert’s decorations play with artistic looks and shapes to create the effect of movement and a sense of weightlessness. This is a perfect exercise in Japanese-inspired style.

201511_CREA_25_RVB-150dpi ORIGAMI