Dulcey 32%, Valrhona’s first breakthrough in its Blond revolution

In 2012, Valrhona created the first ever blond-colored chocolate, Dulcey 32%, revolutionizing the world of chocolate in the process.

During one of his cookery demonstrations, Valrhona’s creative director Frédéric Bau once absent-mindedly left his white chocolate in the bain-marie. A few hours later, he noticed that the chocolate’s white color had turned blond and taken on a delicate scent of toasted shortbread and caramelized milk. It took eight years of research and development to perfect the recipe for Dulcey 32%, whose intensely appetizing flavor of cookies with a hint of sweetness and generous shortbread notes with a pinch of salt have won over chefs and artisans alike.


The creation of Dulcey 32% in 2012 opened up a whole new creative field. It offered a radical change of direction with its unique color, gourmet taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

A sweet new gourmet touch for our Blond aromatic range

In 2016, Valrhona looked to expand its Blond aromatic range. As a result, it combined all its expert couverture chocolate making skills with a new ingredient – dark muscovado sugar – giving professionals a game-changing flavor and color in Valrhona’s Gourmet Creations range: BLOND ORELYS 35%.

Dark muscovado sugar, a new ingredient for new sensations

Valrhona’s experts spent no less than four years researching and developing the ingredient that gives BLOND ORELYS all its flavor: Mauritian dark muscovado sugar. This new addition gives the chocolate its natural gold-inflected color and aromatic licorice notes.

To obtain this natural sugar, sugar cane is crushed then pressed to extract the juice. This juice is heated, dried and finally ground down. Because of its naturally high molasses content, dark muscovado sugar has a moist texture and a beautiful brown hue, giving BLOND ORELYS a fresh flavor and delicate licorice aromas.

BLOND ORELYS 35%, a new creative vista for professionals

Thanks to its singular aromatic character combining freshness and gourmet flavor, BLOND ORELYS works well with a host of aromas and tastes:

• Spices: cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, paprika
• Fruit: banana, Williams pear, lemon zest, kiwi
• Flavors: cookies, coffee, mint, champagne

BLOND ORELYS 35% works beautifully with these flavors and has numerous applications in molded products, bars, mousses, cream mixes, ganaches, ice creams and sorbets.

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Pastry chef at École Valrhona
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