Live long: Our sustainable approach

For us, imagining the best of chocolate means giving the best to our producers, our partners and our planet. Every day, through our sustainability program Live Long, we work to do just that. Through our four sustainable commitments, we work with our staff, customers, partners and local communities to create a better world. Together, we build long-term relationships with our cocoa producers and support cocoa producing communities, ecodesign our products, reduce our carbon footprint and develop the young gastronomy talents.


Through our long-term partnerships, we aim to preserve aromatic cocoa and support cocoa producing communities.

Our relationship with cocoa producers is characterized by a shared desire to plan for the future together. This year we carried out projects to support cocoa producing communities and continued to be actively involved in Cacao Forest, a pioneering agroforestry program that works to create the sustainable cocoa agriculture of the future.


Our goal is to halve our environmental footprint by 2025. We’re working to improve the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, committing to ecodesigning our all our new products by 2020.

We’ve also set ourselves clear goals on water and energy use, our carbon emissions and our waste production. We have implemented extensive plans to achieve these aims, drawing on our ISO 140001 and ISO 50001 certifications to structure our approach.





Our goal is to foster vocations. This means drawing on our heritage of gastronomic expertise to pass on skills and knowledge to today’s artisans and to inspire the pastry chefs of tomorrow.

Gastronomy is part of Valrhona’s very DNA. For years, we have worked to promote the development of gastronomy and gastronomy professionals, to train, to create vocations and to help people achieve the very best of their potential. This ranges from the professional training offered by l’Ecole Valrhona and our support of leading culinary competitions including the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie and the Bocuse d’Or, to our partnerships with gastronomy outreach organizations such as the Fondation Paul Bocuse.

We believe that through our expertise and our unique position in the world of gastronomy, we can make a positive social impact.


We want to create a sustainable business model with our stakeholders, whether helping clients to put sustainable practices into place, creating a company in which staff are happy to work, or even defining our collective vision for 2025.

We believe that if we share our knowledge and skills, we’ll be able to construct the sustainable and responsible business of the future.


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